Family & Group
For bigger group

Max 23 peopple can stay in contexted

Three "nagaya" houses in different design concept.

One building at a time, independent spaces with a focus on unique concepts.

"nagaya" with 100 years history

Pass the old good things to the next


建築事務所 Office for Environment Architecture

ボロボロの空き家だったCONTEXTEDのリノベーションを手掛けたのは、建築事務所 Office for Environment Architecture さん。防音や断熱などの快適さを担保しながら、3棟それぞれ、全く異なるコンセプトの個性的な空間をつくり出していただきました。これまで様々な長屋を再生されているので、ぜひサイトを覗いてみてくださいね。 Check out the website of ""Office for Environmental Architecture"", an architect office which designed our house and has been working on many renovation projects for ""nagaya"" housings."




Nagaya is a Japanese traditional collective house
where several independent residences
are gathered in one building.

In IKUNO-district, there are many old wooden houses
escaped from war fire, 1/5 of the houses are "nagaya".
Vacant houses are increasing year by year

What if we can continue to enjoy
this city-scape like it used to be?
What if we can change an era of mass consumption
to an era of carefully spinning old good things?

With this in mind, we worked on the renovation
of a "Nagaya" house and opened it as a vacation rental
where you can spend time with your family and friends
as if you're living in the downtown of Osaka.

This nagaya was built around 100 years ago and has witnessed the changes of the various eras although it had been vacant for a long time.

Keeping the essences of nagaya house, like walls and beam, CONTEXTED was renovated in modern way.

Relax and have a great time in the comfortable space where you can feel Japanese culture and modern design taste.

Voice from our guests



has three different
types of designer’s space
which can be stayed
up to 7~8 people.

Experience local life in 100-years-old "nagaya" house.

CONTEXTED is located in a quiet residential area where many "nagaya" houses still remain. The nerest station, Teradacho (Osaka loop line) is just next to Tennoji, one of the biggest stations in Osaka. You can enjoy many interesting local places like classic shopping street, sento (public bath) or okonomi-yaki (Japanese rice pancake).

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