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6 Recommended Kansai Vacation Rentals | Enjoy Uninhibited Time with Friends and Family!

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“Vacation rental” refers to a private villa in Japanese. This style of travel, which allows you to stay in a luxurious and spacious space rather than a hotel or ryokan, is becoming increasingly popular in Japan. This time, we introduce six recommended vacation rentals in the Kansai area.

* The budget listed for each is the lowest price when booking one room (2 people, 1 night) (as of March 2023).

1. CONTEXTED (Osaka)

CONTEXTED, operated by us, is located in Terada-cho, where one in five houses is a traditional row house with a rich historical townscape. CONTEXTED Osaka is an artful whole-house vacation rental that was born from the full renovation of a row house built about 100 years ago. Within walking distance, there are shopping streets and public baths, and if you venture a little further, you can enjoy exploring the area, including the Higashi Chuo Wholesale Market and Osaka Ikuno Koreatown.

CONTEXTED Osaka consists of three independent row houses: “SORA,” “TEN,” and “GEN.” Each row house can accommodate a maximum of 7-8 people, and if you rent all three, you can accommodate up to 23 people. It’s ideal for graduation trips, group training camps, home parties, and more. Additionally, it’s equipped with a kitchen and washing machine, making it suitable for workations and long-term stays.

Basic Information
Budget: ¥17,000 and up per room per night
Address: 1-6-3 Ikuno Higashi, Ikuno-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 544-0025
Access: Approximately 10 minutes on foot from Osaka Loop Line Terada-cho Station
Official Website: https://contexted.osaka.jp/


Kansai Vacation Rental

Located in the remote village of Takahara in Wakayama Prefecture, with only about 70 residents, is “SEN.RETREAT TAKAHARA.” It was created by renovating vacant houses along the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route, resulting in a space where you can feel the warmth of wood in every nook and cranny.

There’s also a sauna cabin that can accommodate up to 6 people, and they use locally harvested fruits for the sauna ritual. You can fully relax in the midst of nature. Furthermore, you can enjoy a water bath made of 100-year-old Kishu cedar.

There are two Japanese-style rooms on the first floor, each accommodating up to 3 people, and one Japanese-style room on the second floor, accommodating up to 4 people. While there are no bathtubs, there are separate shower rooms for men and women, with two each.

Recommended for those who want to relax in nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city or those who want to rejuvenate their mind and body with a sauna experience you won’t find in the city.

Basic Information
Budget: ¥27,000 and up per room per night
Address: 1966 Nakabe-ji, Takahara, Tanabe, Wakayama 646-1416
Access: Approximately 45 minutes by car from JR Kisei Main Line Kii-Tanabe Station
Official Website: https://sen-retreat.com/stay/takahara/

3. Bettei Jushita (Kyoto)

Kansai Vacation Rental

In the heart of Kyoto’s tourist attractions in Higashiyama-ku is the whole-house vacation rental “Bettei Jushita.” It’s a newly built Kyoto machiya (traditional townhouse) with a modern design featuring wood-toned interiors. Spacious areas such as the open staircase leading to the second floor, a beautiful tsuboniwa garden, and large windows create an unexpectedly roomy space for a machiya.

There are two Western-style rooms and two Japanese-style rooms on the second floor, accommodating up to 10 people. The first-floor kitchen is equipped with dishes and cooking utensils, allowing for self-catering. The presence of a drum-type washer-dryer is also a welcome feature.

Despite being conveniently located within walking distance of famous tourist spots like Kiyomizu Temple, Yasaka Shrine, and Gion, the surroundings of the vacation rental are relatively quiet, allowing you to enjoy a tranquil and private stay.

Basic Information
Budget: ¥105,000 and up per room per night
Address: 93-14 Hoshino-cho, Matsubara-agaru, Hiiragodori, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 605-0853
Access: Approximately 15 minutes on foot from Keihan Electric Railway Kiyomizu-gojo Station, Approximately 13 minutes on foot from Keihan Electric Railway Gion-shijo Station
Official Website: https://hotel.juge-kyoto.com/

4. Blansiera Villa Asuka (Nara)

Kansai Vacation Rental

“Blansiera Villa Asuka” is an inn that opened in March 2022, renovated from a traditional house that was built about 150 years ago in the “seikei yotsumado” architectural style. It has also been designated as a registered tangible cultural property for the preservation of historical landscapes.

There are two types of guest rooms: “Akane-no-Ma” and “Yamabuki-no-Ma.” In “Akane-no-Ma,” you’ll find spacious tatami rooms, an earthen floor, and a charming private garden. The bathtub is made of Shigaraki ware, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing bath time surrounded by Japanese aesthetics.

“Yamabuki-no-Ma” offers a warm space with abundant use of Nara cedar. There’s also a spacious attic on the second floor, resembling a secret base, where you can lay out futons and enjoy ample space for relaxation.

Located within the Asuka-dera Temple ruins, a registered tangible cultural property, this ancient house invites you to spend a special time.

Basic Information
Budget: ¥41,800 and up per room per night
Address: 660 Asuka, Asuka Village, Takaichi District, Nara 634-0103
Access: Approximately 8 minutes by car from Kintetsu Kashihara Jingu-mae Station (There is also the “Akakame” shuttle bus)
Official Website: https://www.haseko-stay.jp/

5. Oku Biwako Shikitei (Shiga)

Kansai Vacation Rental

“Oku Biwako Shikitei” is an exclusive accommodation located on the northern side of Lake Biwa, in the remote areas of Oku Biwako.

It has been renovated from a traditional two-story farmhouse that is over 140 years old, featuring traditional Japanese architectural elements such as a sunken hearth (irori), sliding paper doors (shoji), and thick wooden beams. In particular, the room with a sunken hearth on the first floor is spacious with a size of 22 tatami mats, providing a tremendous sense of openness. There are also four other rooms, allowing accommodation for up to 10 people.

Additionally, the property has a boat storage warehouse (tekura) in the basement. Since the accommodation is directly connected to Lake Biwa, you can enjoy activities such as boating, fishing, and swimming in the lake.

While the kitchen is equipped with dishes and cooking utensils, you will need to bring your own toothbrushes and towels. This accommodation is recommended for those who want to enjoy activities on Lake Biwa and relax in the rich natural surroundings by the lakeside.

Basic Information
Budget: ¥42,560 and up per room per night
Address: 448-1 Kaizu, Makino-cho, Takashima, Shiga 520-1811
Access: Approximately 5 minutes by car from JR Biwako Line Makino Station
Official Website: https://www.shikitei.info/

6. URBAN&BEACH (Hyogo)

Kansai Vacation Rental

“URBAN&BEACH” is an accommodation located just after entering Awaji Island, about a 5-minute drive from Awaji Interchange (IC). The interior features wooden floors and predominantly white walls, creating a very bright and cheerful atmosphere. There is a beach right in front of the property, offering a beachfront atmosphere reminiscent of California.

There is one twin room on the second floor and one twin room in the loft, with a total of two bedrooms. On the second floor, there is a covered terrace where you can enjoy a BBQ while overlooking the sea.

The accommodation offers the unique experience of enjoying activities along the coast, such as watching the sunrise beyond the horizon in the morning and witnessing the beautiful sunset over the sea in the evening.

Basic Information
Budget: ¥38,500 and up per room per night
Address: 2838-1 Iwaya, Awaji City, Hyogo 656-2401
Access: Approximately 5 minutes by car from Awaji Interchange (IC)
Official Website: https://nplus-resort.com/villa/urban-and-beach


Vacation rentals offer the advantage of having no interaction with accommodation staff or other guests, allowing you to enjoy private time with family or friends.

Whether you choose to relax in a spacious private accommodation for a day or indulge in a sauna and bath within the facility, or simply gaze at the sea or lake, vacation rentals offer a variety of ways to spend your time.

Experience the extraordinary with vacation rentals and enjoy a wonderful holiday.

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