49 minutes from Kansai International Airport and 10 minutes walk from the nerest station, Teradacho station (Osaka loop line). CONTEXTED is located in a quiet residential area. Teradacho is just next to Tennoji, one of the biggest stations in Osaka, and you can enjoy classic shopping street, sento (public bath) or many interesting local places. Rental bicycle allows you to visit major tourist spots in 15 minutes.


  • Around the house
  • Access by train
  • Access by car

Teradacho (Osaka) in attractive local area

Okonomi-yaki, Ramen, coffee or public bath.. you can visit many interesting places by walk. There is a supermarket opening for 24H in just a 30-second walk.


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Bike around the city of Osaka.

A famous temple, Korean town and zoo – there’re so many places you can go by bycicle from CONTEXTED. Why don’t you rent it to explore the city of Osaka.
*Book your rental bicycles from our official booking page.


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10 minutes walk from Teradacho station (Osaka loop line). 49 minuets from Kansai International Airport.

The nearest parking lot is in 2-minute walk from CONTEXTED. You have to pay fee at the parking meter when taking your car out.

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