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[Osaka] Stay in a Traditional Japanese House! Enjoy a Peaceful Moment in a Japanese Atmosphere. 6 Hidden Accommodation Gems.

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Osaka is often associated with the bustling and vibrant imagery of Tsutenkaku, Dotonbori, and Amerikamura. However, there are also serene traditional guesthouses in Osaka. In this article, we introduce six traditional guesthouses in the Osaka area, including CONTEXTED Osaka, which we operate.

1. CONTEXTED Osaka (Teradacho)

Our CONTEXTED Osaka is located in Teradacho, a neighborhood where every fifth house is a traditional long house, preserving the good old streetscape. CONTEXTED Osaka is a fully renovated guesthouse, originally a hundred-year-old long house. Within walking distance, there are shopping streets and public baths, and a little further, you can explore places like the Eastern Central Wholesale Market and Osaka’s Ikuno Korean Town.

CONTEXTED Osaka consists of three independent long houses, “SORA,” “TEN,” and “GEN,” each accommodating up to 7-8 people, and up to 23 people in total if all three are booked. It’s perfect for graduation trips, training camps, and home parties. Equipped with kitchens and washing machines, it’s also recommended for workations and long stays.

Basic Information
Budget: From 17,000 yen per room per night
Address: 1-6-3 Ikuno Higashi, Ikuno-ku, Osaka 544-0025
Access: About 10 minutes walk from Osaka Loop Line Teradacho Station
Official Website: https://contexted.osaka.jp/

2. Guesthouse Yuuen (Shinfukushima)

Osaka Traditional Guesthouse

A fully renovated guesthouse that was originally a large townhouse built in the Meiji era. It also houses a home-roasted coffee shop, “Akutagawa Coffee,” and a popular spice curry restaurant, “Spice Curry Continent,” allowing guests to spend a day starting from the inn. Additionally, Fukushima Station, where Guesthouse Yuuen is located, is just one station away from Osaka Umeda, making it conveniently close to major tourist attractions in Osaka.

Basic Information
Budget: From 5,000 yen per room per night
Address: 2-9-23 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka 553-0003
Access: About 4 minutes walk from JR Osaka Loop Line Fukushima Station/JR Tozai Line Shinfukushima Station Exit 2, about 30 seconds walk/Keihan Nakanoshima Line Nakanoshima Station Exit 4, about 7 minutes walk/Hanshin Main Line Hanshin Fukushima Station Exit 3, about 1 minute walk
Official Website: https://www.u-en.jp/stay

3. Michikusa Nose Farmhouse Inn (Nose Town)

Osaka Traditional Guesthouse

A farmhouse inn located in the natural-rich environment of Nose Town in northern Osaka. The Kicho District, where it’s located, was once a prosperous castle town with remains of Maruyama Castle and Kicho Castle. A short trip takes you to tourist and leisure spots such as Myoken Mountain and Utagaki Mountain.

As a farmhouse inn, unique experiences are available here. In addition to agricultural experiences, guests can enjoy beekeeping, mochi making, and Goemon baths, experiencing the traditional lifestyle of a farmhouse.

Basic Information
Budget: From 10,000 yen per room per night
Address: 1086 Kicho, Nose-cho, Toyono-gun, Osaka 563-0121
Access: Get off at Nose Electric Railway Myoken Line Myokenguchi Station/Hankyubus (operates on weekdays) bus stop “Okunoin,” about 2 minutes walk
Official Website: https://michikusa-nose.com/

4. Guest House Kominka Wa (Izumisano)

Osaka Traditional Guesthouse

Located in the picturesque town of Izumisano, “Guest House Kominka Wa” is a guesthouse created from a renovated former kimono shop. It’s within a 5-minute walk from Izumisano Station, offering excellent access to Kansai Airport. Useful for early morning travel and business trips. The entire house can also be rented, making it ideal for family or group trips.

Basic Information
Budget: From 3,300 yen per room per night
Address: 1-6-6 Shimmachi, Izumisano, Osaka 598-0051
Access: About 15 minutes walk from Nankai Main Line Izumisano Station
Official Website: https://travel.rakuten.co.jp/HOTEL/161018/161018.html

5. Guesthouse Gofujinnoyado Tomariya (Tondabayashi)

Traditional Accommodation in Osaka

Tondabayashi Teranai-cho is a historic town that developed around the middle of the 16th century, centered on the Kosei-ji temple sub-temple. In 1997, it was designated as the only nationally designated important traditional building group preservation district in Osaka Prefecture. The old traditional houses in this preservation district have been renovated into comfortable accommodations and opened to the public. Furthermore, it is a women-only guesthouse (18 years and older) which is not commonly seen.

For an additional fee, they also provide breakfast and dinner services using seasonal ingredients from the local Tondabayashi and Minamikawachi region.

Overview Basic Information
Cost: ¥4,400 and up per room per night (per person)
Address: 12-3 Tondabayashi-cho, Tondabayashi, Osaka 584-0033
Access: Approximately 7 minutes on foot from Kintetsu Nagano Line Tondabayashi Station
Official Website: http://tomari-ya.com/

6. TAKIO GuestHouse (Higashi Osaka)

Traditional Accommodation in Osaka

This guesthouse makes use of traditional Japanese houses spread over a vast site. It is located in a residential area in the middle of the city, not in the downtown area, allowing you to experience a “living like a local” atmosphere. The garden features a 100-year-old pine tree and stone monuments, adding to the charm of the traditional Japanese house. There is also a 300-square-meter field behind the house where you can learn about agriculture.

Overview Basic Information
Cost: ¥7,000 and up per room per night
Address: 3-8-16 Yoshida, Higashi Osaka, Osaka 578-0924
Access: Approximately 11 minutes on foot from Kintetsu Nara Line Higashi Hanazono Station
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/takioguesthouse


While there is an image of “Osaka equals the city,” that is just a small part of what Osaka has to offer. In Osaka City, there are areas scattered throughout where you can still feel the charm of old-fashioned neighborhoods and a traditional way of life.

Instead of staying in sophisticated and glamorous hotels, why not occasionally stay in a traditional Japanese house and experience the charming life of Osaka’s old neighborhoods?

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