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5 Recommended Hotels and Accommodations for Long-term Stays in Osaka! Let’s Experience a ‘Living Like Locals’ Trip

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When going on a business trip or a long-term vacation, it’s essential to stay in accommodations or hotels where you can relax comfortably like home. Especially, it’s important to check whether they have everyday items such as home appliances and cooking utensils. In this article, we will introduce five recommended hotels and lodgings for long-term stays in Osaka.

* The budget mentioned for each is the lowest rate when booking one room for two people per night (as of August 2023).

1. CONTEXTED Osaka (Teradacho)

Located in Teradacho, a neighborhood where one out of every five houses is a traditional rowhouse, CONTEXTED is a fully renovated lodging facility in a century-old rowhouse. It consists of three separate rowhouses, “宙 SORA,” “天 TEN,” and “玄 GEN,” each accommodating a maximum of 7-8 people. When booking all three rowhouses together, up to 23 people can stay, making it perfect for multiple families.

Within walking distance, you’ll find shopping streets and public baths. If you’re willing to explore a bit further, attractions like Tennoji Zoo, Tsutenkaku Tower, and Osaka Ikuno Koreatown are also easily accessible, providing plenty of enjoyment in the vicinity.

Basic Information
Budget: From 17,000 yen per room per night
Address: 1-6-3 Ikuno Higashi, Osaka, 544-0025, Japan
Access: Approximately 10 minutes on foot from Osaka Loop Line Teradacho Station
Official Website: https://contexted.osaka.jp/

2. TOMARO Osaka Port (Chikko)

Long-term Stay Hotel in Osaka

“TOMARO Osaka Port” is an apartment-style hotel located near the Tenpouzan Canal. All rooms are equipped with household appliances such as a microwave and refrigerator, as well as a simple kitchen, cooking utensils, and tableware. Moreover, you can rent a rice cooker, knives, cutting boards, and more for free at the front desk, allowing you to cook your meals. The rooms come in three types: Western-style rooms with bunk beds, Japanese-style rooms with futons, and Japanese-Western combination rooms.

Attractions like Kaiyukan Aquarium, Tenpouzan Giant Ferris Wheel, and Tenpouzan Park in “Tenpouzan Marketplace” are just a 10-minute walk away. Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is also easily accessible by train, approximately 30 minutes from the hotel, making it convenient for sightseeing.

Basic Information
Budget: From 10,000 yen per room per night
Address: 1-6-33 Chikko, Osaka, 552-0021, Japan
Access: Approximately 3 minutes on foot from Osaka Metro Chuo Line Osaka Port Station
Official Website: https://www.osaka-tomaro.com/

3. Minn Shin-Osaka (Shin-Osaka)

Long-term Stay Hotel in Osaka

“Minn Shin-Osaka” is a hotel located just a 5-minute walk from the terminal station “Shin-Osaka.” It offers smartphone-based easy check-in and check-out as it’s remotely managed. The rooms feature smart locks, eliminating the need for key cards.

All rooms are equipped with IH kitchens, microwave ovens, cooking appliances, cooking utensils, and separate bathrooms with independent washbasins. They also have washing machines, making it an ideal base for long-term stays.

Furthermore, projectors and screens are installed in the rooms, allowing you to enjoy movies and watch live broadcasts right in your room.

Basic Information
Budget: From 32,000 yen per room per night
Address: 1-21-29 Higashi-Nakajima, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka, 533-0033, Japan
Access: Approximately 5 minutes on foot from JR Lines and Osaka Metro Midosuji Line Shin-Osaka Station
Official Website: https://staytuned.asia/brands/minn/hotels/minn-shin-osaka/

4. Funhouse-TO North Umeda GuestResidence (Noda)

Long-term Stay Hotel in Osaka

“Funhouse-TO North Umeda GuestResidence” is located in the Noda area, known for its apartment buildings and housing complexes. Its exterior, resembling a small Japanese restaurant, is particularly eye-catching.

Some of the guest rooms are equipped with simple kitchens and washing machines with dryers, making it convenient for long-term stays, especially during the summer when you have more changes of clothing. The largest room has three double beds and one futon, accommodating up to seven people. The surrounding area includes convenience stores, supermarkets, and shopping streets, providing easy access to central locations like Umeda and Namba. It’s an ideal hotel for an extended stay where you can truly “live like a local.”

Basic Information
Budget: From 8,450 yen per room per night
Address: 1-7-30 Sagisu, Osaka, 553-0002, Japan
Access: Approximately 8 minutes on foot from JR Tozai Line Ebisucho Station, approximately 7 minutes on foot from Hankyu Main Line Noda Station, approximately 7 minutes on foot from Osaka Metro Sen-Nichimae Line Nodahanshin Station
Website: https://livejapan.com/ja/in-kansai/in-pref-osaka/in-umeda_osaka-station_kitashinchi/spot-lj0060813/

5. IAM HOTEL (Chuo Ward)

Long-term Stay Hotel in Osaka

IAM HOTEL is an accommodation with a warm and natural ambiance, featuring abundant use of wood in its interior.

It offers shared kitchens, coin-operated laundry facilities, and a 24-hour lounge on the 2nd floor. A complimentary drink bar is also available, making it an excellent place to share travel stories with friends and family.

Located near the underground shopping streets extending to Namba Station, Osaka Namba Station, and Nipponbashi Station, you won’t have to worry about getting wet on rainy days. Furthermore, the hotel is situated within the Aiaibashi-suji Shopping Street, ensuring that you have plenty of dining and shopping options. It’s a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a lively night out and walk back to their accommodation.

Basic Information
Budget: From 13,440 yen per room per night
Address: 1-5-13 Sennichimae, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0074, Japan
Access: Approximately 3 minutes on foot from Kintetsu Nara Line Kintetsu Nippombashi Station, approximately 3 minutes on foot from Osaka Metro Lines Nippombashi Station, approximately 5 minutes on foot from JR Namba Station on the Yamatoji Line
Official Website: https://www.iamhotel.jp/jp/


When staying for a week or a month rather than just 2-3 nights, you also need to consider not only the in-room facilities but also the hotel’s surrounding environment and safety.

Whether you prefer to spend your time in a lively shopping district or wish to savor the local lifestyle, your choice of a hotel will depend on your preferences. We hope you find the hotels introduced in this article helpful in planning a wonderful travel itinerary!

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